Where possible, children are given practical experience of developing their geographical knowledge and skills; for example den building and orienteering in the local woods. Children are taught about location, place, human and physical aspects and map work and fieldwork. We link our geography to PE and Forest School where applicable. We make relevant links to educational visits and visitors in order to enhance children’s geographical understanding of the world.

We make sure that children have a strong understanding of a sense of place. We begin our Geography looking at our local area and work out from there. This helps them make a connection between location and geographical processes and personal experience. For example, looking at their own route to school, town or city may lead to more conceptual understanding that they can draw on when looking at regional, national and global scales.

We encourage pupils to carrying out fieldwork enquiries and decision-making exercises because they are secure in the prior knowledge they need for these.The experience of fieldwork draws together pupils’ locational knowledge and that of human and physical processes. It should be practised regularly.


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