Inspiring all to learn, share and care

Staff Core Professional Values

1.Know all our children and take collective responsibility for our school

2.Be solution focussed

3.Value and respect the opinions of the whole school community to work towards the same aim

4. Be equitable, fair and inclusive

5.Have an open culture of challenge, support and communication

At Statham children have a right to be themselves.

We are respectful, kind, considerate and thoughtful
We listen to others and respond appropriately
We celebrate diversity and difference
We wear the agreed uniform with pride.

At Statham children have a right to be safe.

We ensure the school environment and school property is looked after.
We never physically or verbally hurt others.
We talk to staff about any worries we have. 
We behave in an orderly and self-controlled way

At Statham children have a right to learn.

We focus on learning and will not distract others.
We work collaboratively to support each other and be independent learners
We give our best effort
We move around school quietly

At Statham children have a right to be happy.

We look after each other and include others when we play
We smile and have a positive attitude to friendship and learning.
We accept sanctions when given and comply with adult instructions
We always behave in a way that shows our best self, including when outside school or online.