The Beam Trust

We are delighted to inform you that on 1st May 2021 Statham Primary School became one of the four founding schools in The Beam Multi-Academy Trust alongside Oughtrington Primary School, Ravenbank Primary School and Thelwall Infant School. 


 The Beam Trust has the following shared vision ;

Celebrating the individuality of our schools, our pupils and our staff, the Beam Trust is focussed on the future and driven to pioneer learning experiences. We think differently, innovate and support children at every level, helping them to achieve their full potential. Our schools share knowledge and best practice working together to achieve our shared vision.

 The Beam Trust is focussed on teaching and learning with the aim of making four successful schools stronger together. We look forward to embracing the opportunities that this exciting venture will provide for us collectively whilst maintaining the principles, ethos and values unique to each individual school.

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