Religious Education


The RE syllabus that we are currently following at Statham is the ‘Lancashire Agreed syllabus for RE’ – ‘Searching for Meaning’. We have changed the long term plan to ensure that certain areas of the RE curriculum are in depth and acquire a range of detailed knowledge of different concepts and ideas, which the children remember long term. The curriculum is also well sequenced to ensure that pupils learn the knowledge they need for later topics. In each year group the children draw on this prior knowledge which enables them to consider more complex ideas about religion. 

Children will learn how to:

  •  Reflect on their own experiences and formulate their own ideas, beliefs and values.
  • Develop moral and spiritual values, respect and tolerance, which enables them to appreciate and understand religions, cultures and ways of life different from their own.
  • Have respect for other people’s views and celebrate the diversity in society.
  • Appreciate that symbols and artefacts from different religions can express human feeling and ideas.
  • Foster understanding about the importance of tolerance in everyday life.
  • Foster positive attitudes towards celebration of differences.
  • Develop an enjoyment of learning through practical activities, discussion, exploration and discovery.
  • Communicate their knowledge and understanding using specialist vocabulary.
  • Use their own and others experiences of religious festivals such as Easter, Diwali, Chinese New Year etc to develop their religious thinking.

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